Increase in the price of the LED open assembly

In may this year, wafer photoelectric exclusive distributors in mainland China crystal ingots light electricity pricing (shenzhen) co., LTD., published a contact letter.Letters, according to the content because of the recent various raw materials and artificial cost rise, more than our current cost HeSuanJia, we plan to gradually increase the current series chip prices in the sale part.

At the same time, the chip industry other enterprise three Ann and HuaCan followed suit, completed the chip industry rare round of price increases.In fact, since 2015, the market supply, the LED chip prices plunge.Along with the market adjustment and to reduce inventory pressure, the market gradually returns to a state of balance between supply and demand.The LED chip price back to reasonable price in the market.For chip prices, when most packaging companies appear relatively rational.

Thought is the benign regression LED all the year round on price competition, however, since the second half of 2016, as the raw materials, such as circuit board, gold thread continuous rise considerably, and the increased cost of labor, rent, even if the industry more competitive, assembly house also started to have to fight from price to value, price becomes imperative.So, hon, crystal, xu yu and so on several big assembly house choose start when the collective price in December, has become the focus of the industry.

The latest news, in the LED advertising logo and panel light on photoelectric also increases.Back in 2015, foshan lighting, wood Tomlinson several companies such as shopping on LED bulb in the mind.The current source, shell, packaging, such as artificial comprehensive cost rise, a hierarchical prices in the industry of assembly have sounded and op, leishi, mitsuo these giant domestic enterprises will take stick?
A round of applause, lamps and lanterns industry.

The first: the cause of the rise in price of lamps and lanterns
Freight preliminary price increases 33.6%, causing the lamps and lanterns industry prices!Learned from relevant departments, the transfinite regulation on administration of road transport vehicle is effective as of September 21, 2016, compared to the original standard, the new standards in terms of transfinite significantly tightened, the total weight of the goods by the original six axis freight car 55 tons to 49 tons, this means that the highway freight transport freight unit price will go up.
Lamps and lanterns of a head, said: "overrun to improve the road traffic safety, but does bring larger cost pressures, the lamps and lanterns industry industrial chain cost has a structural rise, to a large shipments, such as lamps and lanterns industry net profit meagre industry, enterprise can't bear the pressure of the rising costs alone.

The second: after soaring raw materials, carton industry began to retaliatory rise!
Soaring raw materials, intermediate business began to revenge.Base paper prices began to the jedi big rebound, since entering 2016, the packing base paper rise every month, every time increases as high as 300 yuan/ton.

Third: artificial cost rise, indirectly, plus the cost of production of lamps and lanterns!
Rising prices, the actual cost of living increase.The industry especially fewer and fewer young people choose lamps and lanterns, result in a shortage of staff.The lamps and lanterns of last year, for example, an ordinary teacher's daily wage in 230-240 yuan/day, and this year has been generally rose to 260-280 yuan/day, some public praise good return even reached 300 yuan/day.Currently, calculated according to do 25 days a month, a skilled master can achieve QiBaQian yuan monthly income of at least, income levels far in excess of the ordinary white-collar workers.Maeda horizon, your good friend!

Fourth: a few years ago LED industry many enterprises excessively low price competition, customers, market, price increases this year is stepwise regression rationality, so to speak.
In the industry a "bullish" situation, price of lamps and lanterns is the trend of The Times.Many companies of lamps and lanterns product price adjustment notice.
Some lamps and lanterns, head of procurement shows the pricing function of a few suppliers, price circulars are all hope to improve the content of the goods.This week, he says, has received five suppliers from all over the world about the requirement of the price, after repeated consultations, at present, the company basic agreement with supplier, by the end of the year to maintain the same price, after must adjust the price.