Promote healthy and orderly development of LED industry

On the afternoon of November 15, 2016, the 13th China international semiconductor lighting BBS (2016) SSLCHINA international conference in Beijing held a grand opening ceremony.Assembly captures a time development and industrial development trend, in the "new economy new multidimensional development opportunities of kinetic energy of the LED industry" as the theme, from domestic and overseas experts and scholars in the field of semiconductor lighting and related, business leaders, industry organization leadership and actively participate in relevant government officials, common talk industry development.Ring the national development and reform commission information department as a tree this secretary attended the opening ceremony, and for a speech.To share with you the Chinese lighting industry energy conservation, and the next step of work planning.

Tree ring information and the national development and reform commission department of the chief priests attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech to a general meeting
Edison invented electric light generation after generation of lighting products, points of light world, lighting civilization, lit up the world at the same time also consumes a lot of energy, the energy consumption problem that nots allow to ignore, countries in the world to explore efficient lighting, road lighting and energy conservation of the organic unity.

As a tree this pointed out that lighting is an important part of energy consumption in China, every light in about 13% of the country's electricity consumption, and still keep rising trend.Since the Chinese government attaches great importance to the illumination energy conservation, five-year through strengthening macro guidance, perfect the policy standards, energy-saving products huimin engineering, energy-saving products in government procurement and other measures to increase the efficient lighting products promotion efforts, continue to accelerate the green transformation of achievements of China lighting industry.

One is to speed up sales.In 2011 China issued a roadmap to phase out incandescent light bulb, proposed to phase out in stages of ordinary incandescent lighting.So far more than 60 watts of general lighting incandescent lamp has been eliminated.Incandescent lamp market share below 5%.

The second is to promote efficient lighting products.China implement energy-saving products huimin engineering, through the way of fiscal subsidies, promotion of energy-saving lamps, LED lights, efficient lighting products, 780 million, nearly 2 million promotion LED lighting products, to achieve power saving 32 billion KWH, 24 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Three is to develop healthy and rapid development of semiconductor lighting industry.In 2013 China issued "semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry planning", put forward the LED lighting energy saving industry in 2015 to development goals, tasks and measures.By 2015, LED lighting products in the domestic market share, from 20% of the industry planning, up to now, more than 30%, LED lighting industry output value, by the industry planning of 450 billion to 560 billion, overfulfilled industry planning goals.At present China's semiconductor lighting market environment optimization step by step, gradually set up independent brands, for the further development of power semiconductor lighting industry to lay a solid foundation.

Lighting is one of China's major drain, we the energy saving technology of lighting industry, the management level, etc., compared with the international advanced level there is a certain gap, so can improve the use efficiency, energy conservation and emissions reduction potential is very big, the development of lighting industry also has great potential.China's semiconductor lighting industry in strategic emerging industries, much starker choices-and graver consequences-in period China will carry out the innovation, the coordination, the development of green, open, sharing ideas, firmly establish a recycling resource view, saving energy saving awareness, play to market forces, guiding green consumption upgrading.

To promote industrial transformation of the economies of mass transfer efficiency, much starker choices-and graver consequences-in was a key period for the development of our national semiconductor lighting industry, we will promote improve relevant policies, strengthen macro guidance, and guiding the development of LED health industry.The key to promote the following job:

One is to strengthen the top-level design, study and formulate much starker choices-and graver consequences-in LED lighting industry development planning.Overall planning for China's much starker choices-and graver consequences-in LED lighting industry, the development of clear objectives, main tasks, key projects, etc.Further optimize and improve the market environment and policy environment of LED lighting industry, guide the healthy development of LED lighting industry, the current development plan we are going to solicit opinions of the relevant departments, for can publish in years ago.Basic measure, in 2020 China's semiconductor lighting industry as a whole output value will reach 1 trillion or so, LED lighting products market share is about 60%.

The second is to promote the core technology, the development of high-end products and industrialization.Advance with independent intellectual property rights of technology development and application, encouraging lighting industry key construction, promote the transformation and upgrading of industry to the high-end products, strengthen the on-demand lighting, intelligent lighting technology research and development and application demonstration, strengthen cross-border technology integration, from the technological frontier, major key technologies to demonstrate the application of the comprehensive innovation design and organize the implementation of integration.Leading action of implementing LED lighting product efficiency, regularly release energy efficiency using the most efficient LED lighting products, a series of policy research LED lighting leading products of energy efficiency.Encourage enterprises to produce efficient products, leading product energy efficiency level, continuously improve.

Three is guide LED lighting enterprises to carry out international cooperation capacity, China encourages enterprises to introduce the foreign new technology, digestion, absorption, innovation, strengthen cross-border integration, collaborative innovation, business model innovation, and guide the enterprises bigger and stronger, and promote the lighting industry, towards the high end, all the way towards area along the countries and regions, in the semiconductor lighting technology, standards, testing, certification and other cooperation.Push for the LED lights area plan all the way.

Four is qualified lighting enterprise, through the overseas investment and infrastructure construction such as a variety of ways, actively explore foreign markets, domestic LED products and technology to go out.We are willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the rest of the world, sharing the semiconductor lighting energy saving technology and best practices, to promote the implementation of the green low carbon development, global economy coping with global climate change, we are ready to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation and jointly promote the semiconductor lighting, promote the transformation of green industry.